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Control the humidity levels in any space with BaseAire products.

No matter where you are whether it’s in the Atlantic coastline states, or in the central states or in the Pacific coastline states, humidity remains an important aspect of our day to day lives. The humidity levels change throughout the year as the different seasons occur. You will never see the increase in humidity, however for sure, you will definitely feel it.
 Increased humidity is not only the biggest threat to the structural integrity of your house, but also high humidity can affect your health and all household belongings.
We at BaseAire, are dedicated to helping you control the humidity levels in your homes and commercial workplaces. We offer a variety of dehumidifiers, different in:
-    Dehumidifier capacity.
-    Dehumidifier sizes.
-    Dehumidifier airflow capabilities.
BaseAire dehumidifiers are made to:
Effectively keep the humidity levels below 50%.
Eradicate mold, mildew and dust mite infestation.
Cleanse the indoor air off any mold spores, odor, and other impurities.
Reduce allergy triggers from the space.
A dehumidifier can easily be described as an electric appliance that extracts excess humidity from the air. Most warm regions, especially along the coastline, are known to have high levels of moisture.
High humidity effects:
i.    High humidity levels in the house, will make your home feel warmer and stuffy.
ii.     Increased humidity will also make your home the perfect environment for mold, mildew and dust mite’s growth. These are known some of the most common allergies triggers thus causing health issues.
iii.    Skin allergies.
iv.    Wood warping – since wood is able some of the excess moisture, this makes the wood warp hence, causing wooden floors to feel uneven and wooden doors and windows will not close easily.
v.    Appliance failure – if the excess moisture is able to condense on the inner cooler part of the appliances in the home. This can cause fluid damage to the appliances.
vi.    Wallpaper and paint will peel in a space with excess humidity.
vii.    Wood rot – wet wood provides the perfect place for fungi growth which causes the wood to rot at an accelerated speed. 
Repairing the appliance or replacing the rotting wood is very expensive to many homeowners, hence the importance of a BaseAire dehumidifier cannot be understated.

Common signs of high humidity in the house.

You can easily determine the humidity levels of your home, using a hygrometer. However, if you can’t get one here are some of the signs that show the presence of high humidity in the house:
Constant reoccurring condensation on window planes and glass doors especially in the morning.
Water spot on the walls and ceiling.
Black mold growth on the walls or the ceiling.
In extremely moisture space like the basement, you will see condense water on the walls or on the floor.

Why does a dehumidifier work?

A dehumidifier is designed to pull the air in the house into the unit when it is passed over a series of coolant coils that condense the excess moisture. The air is also cleaned off odor, mold spores, and other impurities. The condensed water is collected in a collection tray or pumped out of the unit depending on the series of BaseAire dehumidifier you purchase.
The air is then warmed and pumped out of the dehumidifier back into the room. This process is repeated till the relative humidity level of the space is lowered below the set levels.

Why should you invest in a BaseAire dehumidifier today?

At BaseAire we have a wide variety of dehumidifiers, designed for both residential and commercial use purpose. Our engineers have gone a step further, to designing user need-specific dehumidifiers for the garage, the crawlspace, the office, the basement, the storage room. Whatever our customers need we have a dehumidifier that will exceed their expectation.
Improve your indoor air quality today – a BaseAire dehumidifier will lower the humidity levels in the house making it impossible for harmful allergens like mold, mildew and dust mite to grow. This means reduced allergies and asthma attacks.
Speak to us today about your humidity issues today! Let our water damage and restoration experts help you pick out the best dehumidifier!