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Warranty/ warranty registration

All BaseAire dehumidifiers include a 5-year full warranty. We at BaseAire do believe in our quality and stand behind our product and our customers.

Our warranty is only supplied to the original purchaser and the warranty given can neither be transferred nor assigned. Once a customer has made the purchase, he or she will be given a warranty form and asked to fill it genuinely. The form is then submitted to BaseAire Company where your purchasing information and installation information will be saved for any after sales reference. All our products will be free of material defects in materials or workmanship for a 2 year period following the date of initial purchase of the product by an original customer transacting from any of our authorized resellers. The products components will be free of material defects in workmanship or materials for a period of six years following the date of purchase of the product by a customer.

We have owners and installer’s manual for warranty details and limitations. The consumer is responsible for the items listed below:

  • Proper use of the dehumidifier following the instructions provided with the product.
  • Proper connection to an earthing power supply of recommended voltage, blown fuses replacement, repair of loose connections or defects in the house wiring.
  • The damage that may occur after removal of packaging carton.
  • Expenses for making the dehumidifier accessible for servicing such as removal of cupboards, trim, shelves and the like, which are not part of the product when it was shipped from the warehouse.

The warranty does not cover the following:

  • Incidental or consequential damages such as incidental and property expenses resulting from any breach of the written or any implied warranty.
  • Damages caused by services performed by a person other than BaseAire servicers. Use of spare parts other than BaseAire recommended parts and obtained from persons other than such services.
  • External causes of damage such as abuse, misuse, and inadequate power supply.
  • Products having altered original serial numbers or removed and cannot be readily determined.

If in need of service, please keep your delivery slip, bill of sale or any other appropriate proof of payment. In cases where service is required, we refer to the date shown on the bill to establish the warranty period. If service is done, it’s in your interest to keep all receipts.

Warranty Registration

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