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About us

BaseAire products are built to be reliable, efficient, durable and effective. At BaseAire we have over the past decade made a reputation for manufacturing industry pioneering products and provide the best hotline technical support for all product buyers.

At BaseAire we have a dedicated world-class manufacturing team that is dedicated to manufacturing products that keep up with the ever-changing consumer needs.

Our products are easily available in the U.S., thanks to our well-coordinated hub of distribution all over the west and east coast and our ever-growing number of product dealers.

We understand all the negative effect humidity poses to the value of the home and the health of your family. This why our Basement / Crawl Space devices including dehumidifiers are made using all the modern state of the art techniques. These techniques ensure our product have incorporated new modern technology like auto-humidistat and defrost features.

We have a full range of dehumidifiers, crawl space and basement dehumidifiers, Ventilation fans, Sump Pump, Filters, and other appliances.  All available in different sizes and designs.

All our products are ETL rated and our devices are designed to be easy to operate and maintain. All our products are tested and proven to be fully functioning before leaving the factory.

Mission :

At BaseAire we are dedicated to providing all the best value for your money. We are dedicated to providing our customers with efficient and durable products, that exceed the customer expectations. We provide effective and efficient technical support to all our customers to guarantee ease of use. 

Our promise :

- Quality products.

- Reliable and durable products.

- We guarantee our product can last over 20 years fully operational.

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