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Cold catalyst Technology

The cold catalyst is also known as a natural catalyst. According to the principle of absorption, a Cold catalyst at room temperature can formaldehyde decomposition and absorption. This principle is applied in the decomposition of formaldehyde and other toxic gases in the air into non-toxic carbon dioxide(CO2) and water(H2O). this clears odors and purifies the in-door air making it healthy and comfortable to breathe.

Product features:

  1. natural catalyst/ Cold catalyst – for the catalytic decomposition of Cold catalyst, there should be no UV, high pressure, and high temperatures. This conditions can easily be attained indoor especially in the basement or crawl space to control air pollution in these spaces.
  2. The Cold catalyst can also clear harmful gases like TVOC, Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, and other harmful gases. The Cold catalyst reacts with these gases to produce carbon dioxide and water.
  3. Long-term effects: better indoor air quality, less mold growth, less respiratory illness and the Cold catalyst validity period is 5 years, under the condition that no external force damage.
  4. Comfort indoor atmosphere - Cold catalyst under normal indoor temperatures and conditions, remove harmful gases such as benzene, xylene, toluene, TVOC and formaldehyde(Which cause odors in the house). Once Cold catalyst reacts with these gases, the reaction produces water, and carbon dioxide only with cause secondary pollution.

What sets BaseAire apart from its competitors?

  • Inbuilt Water pump – for convenient water removal.
  • Smallest machine size in the market to avoid occupying more space.
  • Light, removable and portable – easy rotation all over the house if needed.
  • Microchannel technology.
  •  Photocatalyst.

Note: larger and high capacity dehumidifiers offer higher energy efficiency rates compared to smaller capacity and smaller dehumidifiers.

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