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Crawl Space/ Basement Dehumidifiers

During the summer months and shoulder seasons, homeowners get a hard time in creating a unique humidity control due to the cooler temperatures in the basements and crawl spaces.

High humidity in crawl spaces and basements result from:

  • Bulk water sipping through. This needs that drainage problems be fixed.
  • Evaporation of moisture from the ground.
  • Air from the outdoors coming through vents
  • Material diffusion. If there are materials with a difference in water vapor pressure, vapor tends to move through the materials.

Crawl Space/ Basement Dehumidifiers

Here are the best ways to deal with this kind of situation:

  • We install a dehumidifier that is solely controlled by temperature conditions in this areas and not the house above.
  • We also install a humidistat and a fan system to help the dehumidifier function effectively and efficiently.
  • The installed dehumidifier require regular maintenance. Huge water problems in the basement or crawl space may occur if the drain fails.
  • The size of the dehumidifier depends on the size of the area it's being installed. If it is a small space, then a standard dehumidifier will do and this also reflects on the cost.
  • The crawl space should be able to communicate with the house above for effective relief of pressure.
  • For the above to be accomplished, a grille has to be put up on the floor.
  • The opening is intended for the air in the house above to move freely downwards.
  • Stack effect may win if the crawl space isn’t sealed perfectly to the outside.
  • Another recommended way is to seal the entire floor airtight so as to isolate the crawl space from the above house.

BaseAire dehumidifiers are designed for this applications and to ensure that moisture is removed and your crawl space or basement is restored to recommended conditions.

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

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