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The private label allows customers to build a machine of their preference based on our present product line, different color, different outlook and private brand. If manufacturing a dehumidifier, air scrubber, air mover from the ground is what you are after, BaseAire can offer you customization as well.

Below is the customization process:

  1. Private labeling

    Here you have the option to put your company logo directly on the dehumidifier. Customers can include a nameplate on the rear side of the dehumidifier and a logo on the side. This can be done on any of our dehumidifier models.
    Below are steps to follow:

    • Choose your preferred dehumidifier model
    • Provide the specifications you need and basic construction design will be confirmed.
    • A rigorous testing procedure for each unit will follow. This is done in our BaseAire warehouse.
    • A 3D model drawing of the unit will be prepared after program development.
    • After the testing is completed, all the labels on the dehumidifier will be switched to your preference.
    • We will provide you with a production schedule showing the estimated time to completion.
    • On arrival at the warehouse, the dehumidifiers will again undergo another testing procedure.
    • After all the above, inventory can be stored at our warehouse facility and shipped as needed or it can be picked up in full.
  2. Exterior customization
    • Select your preferred dehumidifier then choose a color you desire them to be.
    • We will then place your container quantity order with our manufacturer.
    • Your dehumidifiers will arrive at our warehouse approximately 10-12 weeks later where they will each undergo a rigorous testing procedure.
  3. In this section, customers get the ability to match the dehumidifiers to their company colors. After you have made the selection of our current models, we can customize the exterior cabinet to your desired color but the interior components will remain untouched. All labels will also be changed to show your company name.

    Follow the following steps:

  4. contract manufacturing
    Specifications for your current model are needed so as to replicate the design.
    Your order is submitted and prototype production commences. We will then provide you with the prototype to ensure it meets your demands.
    Once you have approved, full production of your customs will begin.10-20 after the order is placed the dehumidifiers will arrive at our BaseAire warehouse and undergo testing after which inventory can be picked and shipped in pallet quantities.
  5. Custom design unit
    This allows you to build a machine to your exact preference. BaseAire will help you produce the highest quality in an efficient manner if you are looking to manufacture a dehumidifier from the ground up.

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