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crawl space dehumidifiers,

How it works in Crawlspace? Learn more about crawl space dehumidifiers...

Crawl spaces.

A house with a crawlspace is had plenty of advantages, including :

  • The elevated floor protects the house from floods.
  • Some crawlspaces can be converted into extra storage areas.
  • The crawlspace provides easy access for plumbing repairs and adding new plumbing connections.

One of the major issues with crawl spaces remains high humidity, especially in the moist months. Moisture in the crawl space can cause :

  • The growth of mold, mildew and dust mites. – the damp, moist and warm atmosphere in the crawl space during the moist weather allow mold, mildew and dust mites to reproduce and grow at an accelerated rated. They cause respiratory illness and allergies.
  • The rot of wood in the foundation. – once the moist condense and is absorbed by the wood, it becomes a great environment for fungus which begins the wood decay.
  • Increased pests – pest are known to like the damp, moist and dark place. The lack of sunlight and high humidity in the crawl space will be the perfect place for pest infestation.

Can the crawl space air affect the house indoor air quality?

We all want to come home to a comfortable atmosphere and just rest. Moisture in the crawl space cause mold growth and rot of wood and items stored in the space. This can result in a pungent odor remitting from the crawl space.

How do these odors get into the house?

The odor gets into your home using the stack effect. The stack effect can be easily explained warm dry air rises while cooler humid air is heavier. This means when the moist in the humid air condensing on the cold surface of the crawl space the air becomes light, hence is able to move to higher levels of the home.

This light air might have very little moisture however, it will have all the odor from the decaying items in the crawl space. This odor will make the house very uncomfortable. The stack effect remains in process till the levels of humid in crawl space and house are lowered.

Note: that more than half of the air in the home comes from the crawlspace, hence the odor sense will be clearly felt.

Should you add vents to the crawl space?

This is a common misconception among many homeowners. You should never add more vents to the crawl space. You should work sealing off all the vents in the space. This guarantee that more moist air does not find its way into the crawl space. Studies have proven that homes that ensure their crawl space remains sealed off and airtight, save more than 20% on their energy bill.

Can high humidity in the crawl space cause any structural damage?

Yes! High humidity will not only make the wood in the crawl space but also causes affects the structural integrity of the wall of the foundation. If the humidity is not lowered over time cracks will appear. Repairing cracks to the foundation is costly.

Why do you need a crawl space dehumidifier?

A BaseAire crawl space dehumidifier is your best weapon to fight against high humidity. A dehumidifier extracts all the moisture in the crawl space and maintains the level of humidity are lower.

How does a crawl dehumidifier work?

A crawl space dehumidifier extracts moisture from the crawl space and maintains the air dry. Air is sucked into the dehumidifier and passed over coolant coils. Here the moisture condenses and it is collected in the tray. The dry air is then pulled back to the crawl space. This process is done till the levels of humidity are below 50%.

Why should you choose a BaseAire crawl space dehumidifier?

  • The BaseAire crawl space dehumidifiers are energy efficient.
  • Auto humidistat – the dehumidifier is able to turn on and off depending on the humidity levels in the crawl space. This saves a lot of energy.
  • Self-draining dehumidifier – saves time and is convenient for the owner, because you don’t have to keep emptying the collection tray.
  • Air filtration – the BaseAire crawl space dehumidifier that is able to clean the odor and removes the mold spores in the crawl space.

Noise - the BaseAire crawl space dehumidifier produces minimal noises when operation. This guarantee the comfort of your home remain serene and quiet.

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