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The stack effect allows moist air in the basement or the crawl space to spread out to the upper levels in the house. This is one of the major reasons for increased humidity levels in the house.

Moisture spread out in the house as a result of the crawl space contribute to :

  • Poor indoor air quality. –odor from the basement or the crawl space is able to spread out into the upper levels of the house. This makes the home very uncomfortable.
  • Increased humidity in the house – the excess moisture is able to spread into other rooms in the house.
  • Structural home damage – increased humidity in the house greatly causes the destruction of interior walls, ceiling and causes paint and wallpaper to pily off the walls.
  • Destruction of wood – increased moisture causes wood to warp hence makes the wooden floors uneven and the wooden doors and windows don’t close easily.
  • Mold growth – the spread of moisture allows mold spore in the basement or crawl space to spread out and grow everywhere in the house. You will spot black mold growth all over the house.
  • Odor – odor from the rot in the basement or crawl space spread all over the house by the stack effect.
  • Pest increase – pest like high humidity places. When the stack effect is able to move all the excess moisture in the basement or crawl space to the rest of the house, the number of the pest in the house will increase proportionally.

Controlling the humidity in the basement or the crawl space is the most important task to maintain the structural condition of your home and the health of your family.

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