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Part List


At BaseAire, we understand that all machines experience wear and tear after a long period of service. We also know from experience that some of our more active product parts are more likely to require maintenance or replace often.


It is for this reason our dedicated technical support team has prepared a detailed list of all the parts that make up all our products. There is a list for each of our products(below on this page). The list of parts is listed is placed in an easy to understand to ensure anyone can easily identify and order the part they require.


If you have any problems identifying any part in the parts guide, you can always reach out to our technical support team via call or email. Our BaseAire technical support team which provides your help immediately on all products.

AirWerx55 Dehumidifier parts list.pdf
AirWerx90 Dehumidifier parts list.pdf
AirWerx90X Dehumidifier parts list.pdf
AirWerx100X Dehumidifier parts list.pdf
AirWerx120X Dehumidifier parts list.pdf
AirWerx140X Dehumidifier parts list.pdf

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