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We at BaseAire work hard to ensure you get the highest quality of products. What makes it easy for you to do business with us is our superior customer services. We are committed to partnering with you for our reputation is built on this philosophy.

W provide superior dehumidifiers, monitoring solutions and encapsulation products. We can also be of numerous help to you in the following ways.

  1. Comprehensive product training
    This instills faith, respect, and trust in the customer thus creating a positive customer experience. When you have the product knowledge, you get to handle situations smoothly. It represents itself in situations like:
    • Answering difficult questions
      Nowadays customers are socially networked and digitally connected and most of them will have gathered all the relevant information on the product that they intend to purchase. It may, however, happen that a customer may approach your sales person with a question that has no answer on your website, social media posts or even on white paper.
    • Trust building
      A customer has to trust the company and also the product. Most importantly, they have to trust the person they interact with before they can even make up their minds about making a purchase and this is where product knowledge comes hardy.
    • Due to tremendous competition, many customers believe that all products are similar thus they tend to do research on your products and services. You can make up for this through the buying experience which requires one to have a deep knowledge of the product.
  2. Application and installation guidance
    When you partner with us we get to educate you on the basic and simplest installation procedures. You also get to know the best-suited dehumidifiers for specific and different locations and use. Dehumidifiers extract moisture from high humidity areas thus their location is vital. There are dehumidifiers best suited in bathrooms, basement, living rooms and for commercial places. We at BaseAire provide all these knowledge to our partners.
  3. Field services and warranty repairs
    Dehumidifiers may sometimes require a technician where warranty fails to apply. In some cases, the warranty may not apply if the product is defaced, altered or damaged beyond repair. We give detailed knowledge on the above matter to our partners.
  4. Marketing and product literature
    Our partners get unlimited access to our services which include marketing strategies from our team of experts. They also educate you on customer related issues and how best to approach them.
  5. Customer service excellence
    BaseAire will help grow your business by guiding you step by step on how best to relate and serve customers.

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