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Powerful Dehumidification 

High humidity is one of the major threats to your family ’s: health, comfort and property value. Most homeowners make the mistake of assuming they can regulate the levels of humidity using their air conditioners. Air conditioners are ineffective and will only result in overcooling or overheat the house. Making your home even more uncomfortable, while increasing your electricity bill.

Where does the moisture in the house come from?

There are several sources of moisture in the house :

  • In-door household activities – it is proven that household activities can produce up to over 2 liters of water vapor. Activities like laundry, cooking, and showering.
  • Rainfall – if the roof is damaged and allows rainwater to get into the house. It can increase the levels of humidity in the house and cause water damage.
  • Leaking plumbing – leaking pipes is one of the major cause of increased moisture in the house.
  • Poor drainage – if all the rainwater is deposited around the house foundation, it will get into the basement or the crawl space and up into the house.
  • Out-door air – the air outside is usually more humid. Hence if this air is able to get into the house, it will condense all over the cool indoor items.

Powerful Dehumidification 

To control the humidity levels in your home, you will need to buy a BaseAire dehumidifier! A dehumidifier is needed especially in more humid spaces like the basement or crawl space. Research has proven that humidity in the basement or crawl spaces easily spreads to the upper levels of the house through the stack effect.

The stack effect allows odor, mold spores and moisture to spread all over the house. This can make the house really uncomfortable for you and the family.

Why should you buy a BaseAire dehumidifier?

  1. Health.

The indoor air quality association associates most skin or eye irritations, allergies and respiratory problems (like asthma and the flu)  to poor indoor air quality. One of the major causes of indoor-air pollutants is mold spores.

Increased humidity in the house creates the best atmosphere for mold(especially black mold), mildew and dust mites to grow and reproduce at an accelerated level. The stack effect helps the mold spores, mildew and dust mites to spread all over the home.

Mold spores and mildew – have been proven to cause respiratory problems once inhaled.

Dust mites – research has proven dust mites are triggers for asthma attacks. This can cause a lot of discomfort to anyone with asthma.

If you or a member of your family keeps suffering from recurring flu’s or asthma attacks, it could be as a result of mold spores or dust mites in the house.

Buying a BaseAire dehumidifier will lower the levels of humidity in the house. Our dehumidifier will also clean the air off any mold spores and mildew. Maintaining low humidity levels makes the environment conducive to dust mites.

  1. Comfort.

Does your house feel warm and sticky or cold and clammy all the time? This might be as a result of the high humidity in the house. Increased humidity in the house especially in the crawl space or the basement cause rot and decay of items stored in these spaces. The odor from this rot is spread throughout the home by the stack effect.

This combination of bad atmosphere and odor can cause a lot of discomfort to you and your family. The increased humidity can make summers unbearable. High humidity in the air causes the overheating because the sweat produced by the body while trying to cool down, cant evaporate hence overheating while in the house.

A BaseAire dehumidifier will maintain your indoor air humidity to less than 45 – 50%. This will ensure your home is comfortable, cool and serene throughout.

  1. Property protection.

Moisture affects the structural integrity of our home. Damages caused by increased moisture :

  • The rot of wood and wood warp – excess moisture cause wood in the basement or the crawl space to rot. If the situation is not repaired immediately it can lead to more damage like a crack in the house. Wooden floor and furniture begin to warp cause the floor to feel uneven and door fails to close properly.
  • Piling off of wallpaper and paint.
  • Cracks in the walls.
  • Condensation of the excess moisture can happen in the electronic device can cause them to be a detective.

All these structure damages cost a small fortune to repair them annually. A BaseAire dehumidifier will protect your home from moisture damage and maintain the value of the home.

At BaseAire we focus on making your comfort so that you can focus on everything else at ease!

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