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Symptoms of High Humidity

The humidity levels change throughout the year depending on the different weather seasons. While for most people living near the coastline they experience high humidity levels all year round. It might be virtually impossible to control the humidity levels outside your home, you can, however, control the humidity levels in your home.

What are the signs of high humidity in the house?

  1. Visible condensation on windows and glass doors.
  2. Mold or mildew growth can be seen on the walls or ceiling.
  3. Rotting wood in the house.
  4. Mold or mildew on windows tracks or sills.
  5. Mold growth in the laundry room, or around sink or shower.
  6. Musty smell in the indoor air, on carpets or furniture.
  7. Water stains(Yellowish-brown in color) on the walls. This is usually an indicator of a leak in the wall or rising in the damp.
  8. Clearwater stains on the basement floors – which is an indication of a groundwater runoff problem and drainage around the basement.
  9. Wood warps – high moisture make a door or even windows frames made of wood not to fit properly when closing.
  10. Increased or recurrent skin infections, asthma attacks, respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

Humidity levels in the kitchen, laundry room, the bathroom and the basement is usually higher compared to the rest of the house. Most homeowners tend to deal with the high humidity in most of this rooms and assume the basement. It is mainly because the high humidity in this room can be easily fixed by opening up windows and allowing air circulation to work its magic. Most basements are partial or completely underground, hence have limited ventilation.

What causes high humidity in the house?

  • Changes in weather.
  • Inadequate ventilation in the house.
  • Lack of proper drainage of the rainwater around the house. If rainwater concentrates around the basement, it will get into the basement walls and floor leading to dampness in the basement.
  • Neglected AC maintenance.
  • Poorly maintained pipes. – pipes with leaks will leak the water into the walls, causing a lot of structural damage.

wall mounted dehumidifier,

What damage can the high humidity cause?

High humidity in the house cause number of structural damages that can cost a fortune to repair. They include :

  • High humidity in the house can cause wood rot, especially in the basement. if the high humidity problem is not corrected then the complete replacement will be needed. That would cost you a fortune.
  • Humidity in the basement destroys the structural integrity of the home foundation. This can greatly reduce the value of the house.
  • High humidity in the house can trigger corrosion of electronic gadget and appliances.
  • High humidity destroys wallpaper, fabrics, carpets and soft furnishing.
  • High humidity causes wood to warp or bend out of shape. If the moist rest on books it can trigger the growth of mold on them.

What should you do to fix the high humidity in the home?

  • Clean all the house vents to allow air circulation.
  • Open the windows often – even when its winter.
  • Install fans in the humid rooms like the kitchen and they should be on for often.
  • For a long-term and a more convenient solution – invest in BaseAire dehumidifier.70 pint dehumidifier

When choosing the best BaseAire dehumidifier for your need you must understand :

  1. Level of humidity in the house. – this can be easily done using a hydrometer or by carrying out a simple inspection of the condensation levels in the house.

Here are the different levels of humidity:

  • Moderately damp (50 – 60%) – The house smells musty and feels damp during the humid weather months.
  • Very damp (60 – 70%) – the house remains damp and musty all year round.
  • Wet. (70 – 85%) – there are visible water stains on the walls and floor.
  • Extremely wet (85 – 100%). – There is water on the floor of the house or the basement.
  1. The square – foot of the house to be dehumidified – once you understand the size in square feet of your home and the level of humidity in the house, you can easily understand the capacity of BaseAire dehumidifier you should buy. We advise that you get a dehumidifier that has a capacity higher than what you require.

The capacity of a dehumidifier - refers to the amount of moisture the dehumidifier is able to extract from the house every 24 hours. If the levels of humidity in the house are high, then you need a dehumidifier with a high capacity.


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