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Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Flood and storms cause damages and this can be very shocking and upsetting, the Urgent remedy is needed, In this case, one needs a company with storm damage experience. BaseAire professionals have the expertise, resources to deal with any disaster when they occur. BaseAire has many years of experience in flood and storm damage repair and can quickly and efficiently repair the damaged properties and help the affected restore their lives. We are dedicated to seeing a disaster-free nation.

BaseAire Professionals Provides

  • 24/7 Emergency services-BaseAire professionals are always ready and waiting to respond to flood and storm-related emergencies at any given time.
  • Highly trained and proven skills in water restoration specialists-BaseAire team are trained and equipped with professional technics to enable them effectively restore water.
  • Fast response to any size Disaster-BaseAire team can deal with any size of disaster effectively at the time of need hence reducing damage range and the cost.
  • A trusted leader in the restoration industry-With our vast experience in restoration we are the leading industry with the most trusted team and equipment’s that are made for disaster management.

Why Choose BaseAire Professional?

  • Faster to any size Disaster –BaseAire are particularly dedicated to responding immediately to storm and water damage emergencies. Fast response reduces further damages and cost.
  • BaseAire specialists are highly trained in water damages-The team specializes in storm and water damage restoration, the main purpose of our business.
  • They have the resources to deal with storms and disasters-BaseAire has a wide trained team across the country and skillful team which is strategically located throughout the country.
  • Disaster tracing and monitoring-BaseAire have systems that monitor weather changes and possible occurrences hence been at the forefront of response.

In spite of the storm damage, BaseAire can help

Storm disasters occur with little or no warning and can be very harmful and devastating, so every affected individual need a company that they can trust to rise to the occasion. Regardless of the type of storm, BaseAire professionals are always ready to handle any size disaster. During catastrophic storms and major events, our Disaster Recovery Team can respond fast additional resources and equipment.

Storm Damage Cleanup and Storm Damage Restoration

Causes Of Disasters

  • Flooding caused by the heavy rains-Each time there are rains which exceed the drainage system capacity, floods can occur. In some instances, heavy rains can occur in a very short period resulting in floods. In other times, rains can occur for many days and weeks causing floods which can result into property damages and even loss of life.
  • Hurricanes and Tidal surges-Hurricanes and Tidal surges are water from the ocean that is pushed towards the shore by the force of the normal tides and can increase the water level by 30 feet or more. This can severely erode beaches and coastal highways causing property damage and devastating loss of life.
  • Tornados and wind damage-This winds are often straight-line winds to differentiate the damage they cause from tornado damage. Most thunderstorm winds that cause damage at the ground are as a result of outflow generated by a thunderstorm downdraft. This wind accounts for half of all severe reports in the lower 48 states and is more common than damages in the lower 48 states and common than damage from tornados.
  • Ice and Snowstorms-This are dangerous winter storms that are a combination of blowing snow and wind resulting in very low visibilities which can result in road accidents and loss of lives. Ice storms occur as a result of the accumulation of at least 25 of ice on exposed surfaces.
  • Wild fires-This fires can ruin homes and cause injuries or death to people and animals. Wildfires are the unplanned fire that burns any natural area on its paths such as forest, grassland, and house. They are often caused by humans or lightning and disrupted gas and power lines and can cost federal government billions of dollars each year.

Related storm services

  • Your belongings and storm damage-water and storm damage affect not only the structured bust also household belongings at the BaseAire care and understands that your house is not only a structure but a place the family treasure hence the team helps salvage properties before a complete damage is done.
  • Odor removal and Deodorization-Our professional team is specialized in deodorization and trained to identify and eliminate offensive odors. The science of identifying and eliminating odors can be a tricky thing, so give a call to your local BaseAire Professionals.
  • Roof Tarping after wind, Hail, storm or fire-Due to falling trees, fire, high wind, hail storms and House roofs are damaged. In this case, roof assessment should be completed form the ground as damage is not always visible. Vacate the premises and contact BaseAire as your trusted professional company.
  • Carpet and Upholstery cleaning-Dust and soiling can occur on your most valued investments and items. At BaseAire, systems offer a number of cleaning and dusting options to match any type of upholstery or carpet.

BaseAire is your trusted disaster management company, call any of our offices and you will get high-quality services and quick response.


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