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Why Choose Baseaire Dehumidifiers

Today, there are so many brands of dehumidifiers and it can feel overwhelming for homeowners to choose the right one. We at BaseAire are dedicated to offering all our customers the best dehumidifiers at relatively low and affordable prices.


So why would you choose our dehumidifiers?

  • An extended 5 years full warranty – we are so sure of the quality of our dehumidifiers that we can guarantee the devices will remain fully operation of over half a decade.
  • Our powerful dehumidifiers will offer you more pint capacity.
  • Auto humidistat – this feature allows the dehumidifier to automatically turn on and off depending on the humidity levels in the house. Saves a lot of electricity.
  • Large collections bucket – this means you won't have to keep emptying the bucket.
  • Fully operation in low temperatures. – our BaseAire dehumidifier is made will new state of the art technology to ensure they remain fully operational even at low temperatures.
  • Remote control – change the settings on the dehumidifier from anywhere in the house.
  • Air filters -  our dehumidifiers are equipped with air filters to clean the indoor air off any mold spores and odor.
  • Noise level – the noise levels produced by our dehumidifier are minimal and will to affect the comfort levels of your house.
  • Portability -  we have a wide range of portable dehumidifier that is light and can be moved from one room to the other. Some of our heavier dehumidifiers have caster wheels 

BaseAire dehumidifiers are made for both residential and commercial spaces. The different sizes and capacities of our dehumidifiers we guarantee we can solve your humidity problem! This ensures good indoor air quality and comfort.

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