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Humidity in a house can arise due to different reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Poor ventilation. The quantity levels of contaminated air being let out of a house and fresh air entering the house affect the poor indoor air quality. Outdoor air pollution levels should, however, be put into consideration during home ventilation.
  • Rising damp. Leaks in the drainage system, porous walls and rising damp in a house are determinants for structural dampness due to humidity levels being high.

Choice of construction can also lead to high humidity levels and unwanted moisture indoors.

  • Wet materials that are stored unprotected outdoors during the time of construction can cause humidity to rise as time progress.
  • Renovations. During renovations, materials like plaster cement and paint need to be given ample time for them to completely dry up. If not the result can be very moldy.
  • Geographical location also influences relative humidity. Cooler air has less moisture than warmer air thus warmer weather promotes fast evaporation rates. Tropical and warm areas like lake regions and coastal areas have high humidity levels due to evaporation.
  • Drying of laundry indoors can contribute to a house having high levels of humidity.

Installing one of our BaseAire dehumidifiers can help you in solving all house related humidity levels. Humid environments tend to trigger allergies like mold mildew and dust mites which thrive in this conditions.

Having a BaseAire dehumidifier can help you:

  1. Make your home allergy free by making it less hospitable for allergies like mildew and dust mites.
  2. The indoors of the house are kept at a recommended temperature that allows health to flourish by reducing irritation of your respiratory system and skin.
  3. They reduce the possibility of your clothing, furniture, and linens developing mold.
  4. Fresh produce like bread and cereals remain fresh for longer and clothing dry faster.
  5. Corrosion or lust won’t be found on tools and other electronics.
  6. Reduce dust in your home. 

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