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AirWerx 100X Dehumidifier for Basement and Whole House 100 Pints/Day With Pump

List Price: $1739.00
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  • Power: 115V/60Hz
  • Approved for commercial use: Yes
  • Size for: Up to 2,900 sq.ft
  • Air Flow: 250 CFM
  • Installation type : Medium size rooms
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Length: 13.80 in.
  • Height: 15.80 in.
  • Width: 23.70 in.

Key Features:
100 Pints/Day,AHAM (80ºF, 60%);
220 Pints/Day, Saturation (90ºF, 90%).
78 Pints/Day @ (73ºF, 60%).
Size for: 2,900 Sq. Ft.
WiFi controller: HVAC Remote System. (Coming soon)
Outlet: 10" big diameter air outlet, focused dehumidifying
Draining: Condensate pump
Supper COP: 2.7 L/KWH,

Get rid of mold, mildew, and dampness today with the AirWerx 100X dehumidifier. This unit is enclosed with sheet metal housing to protect it from damage while protecting the unit from overheating.
The AirWerx 100X equipped with a specialized compressor(for efficiency, save energy and guarantee reduced noise.), hydrophilic film cool and heat changer(increase the unit effectiveness by 30%), turbine blower with driving motive power, efficient dynamics motor and precise measuring and controlling circuit with an effective sensor.
The AirWerx 100X is the perfect dehumidifier for basement, crawl space or whole house, where most homeowner experience moisture issues. This can also be installed in storage areas, restaurants, offices, shops, bars, and laboratories.

Additional functions: Built compact and small in size hence making it portable. This unit is equipped with an auto humidistat that ensures it’s able to automatically detect a change in humidity level and turn on to lower the humidity levels automatically.
Equipped with the duct, precise dehumidification in all corners.

Capacity: The AirWerx 100X has a capacity of 100 pints per day (PPD) of moisture. This is very impressive comparing its size and the amount of energy it consumes.

Performance: The AirWerx 100X is specially designed to remain fully operational at low temperature. The unit advanced design to allow it to use the air already processed to stimulate air circulation when installing in a space (like the crawl space or basement, whole house) with airflow issues.

Fully operational at Low temperatures.
Easy access to the main board for easy maintenance.
Design to stimulate air flow in spaces with air flow issues.
Pipe drainage for the extracted water pumps out by the condensate pump.
Filter for air purification.
Full water protection.

Microchannel Condenser.

Hydrophilic Aluminium Coils.


Warranty: The AirWerx 100X has a 5 years warranty.
We at BaseAire ensure that all our units are thoroughly checked and tested, to ensure they are 100% operational to meet and exceed our customer's needs and expectations.

Customer support: At BaseAire we have a dedicated technical support team that is available hotline support for our customers. We ensure that all our customer are able to receive the help they need promptly. For any queries with The AirWerx 100X unit send us an email or call us now!
Buy the AirWerx100X today make your home comfortable!


Approved for commercial use
Size for
Up to 2,900 sq.ft
Air Flow
250 CFM
Installation type
Medium size rooms
Remote control
Display type
Sound level
<60 DBA
Condensate pump
Compressor type
Bypass air sensor
Memory starting
All set settings remain the same even after a restart
Automatic humidistat control
Easy handling
Plug and play design – easy to operate
81.0lbs (37Kgs)


  • Patsy Hubbard 2020-11-23 01:37:41

    This dehumidifier is really amazing! It has a small footprint, is easy to start, and is powerful! This sucked a lot of moisture from the damp basement! The musty smell almost disappeared. I am very grateful to this unit. I couldn\'t be more happy shopping this time.

  • Luis Benton 2020-11-16 03:41:49

    I bought this unit for my basement because my wife complained of a musty smell. The device can be connected to the drainage basin, but I installed it far away from the sump pump because the musty smell comes from the front of the basement and the sump is located at the rear. This product has a 5-year warranty, so if it has a long life, I will be worth the money. I run continuously to maintain 45% humidity.

  • Cora Prosser 2020-11-09 06:00:34

    In the past 15 years, I have bought many dehumidifiers. I live in coastal areas and high humidity levels are a troublesome problem. To make matters worse, the temperature in winter makes the basement cold and humid. For any dehumidifier, this is a real challenge. The AirWerx 100X dehumidifier has kept my basement at 45% relative humidity. I have not seen a dehumidifier that can provide consistent performance. If the machine dies, I will buy it again without hesitation, or recommend it to friends or family.

  • Earl Pitt 2020-11-02 05:51:24

    This is one of the few products that I actually leave a 5-star review. It is an attractive product that can perform its due function-eliminate moisture in the air. It is easy to manipulate, easy to set up, and use. I set it up once and made it run in the basement. It runs quietly and does not disturb me. I have not tracked its energy efficiency, so I don\'t know its energy efficiency. But I think this is an energy-saving device.