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Ozone is a very powerful oxidant with the ability to remove bacteria, viruses and toxins.

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  • Power: 110V/60HZ, 1A
  • Air Flow: 130CFM / 220CMH
  • Sound level: < 65 dB
  • Ozone Output: 7,000 mg/h
  • Application Area: 800 square feet
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.8 x 6.5 x 8.7 in
  • Length: 9.80 in.
  • Height: 6.50 in.
  • Width: 8.70 in.

Key Features:
1. Broad-spectrum disinfection, no secondary pollution. In addition to odor, mildew smell.
2. Strong ozone generation: the maximum ozone output is 5000mg / h, and the use of medium, high-frequency, high-voltage eddy current technology, the use of small output voltage, this ozone generator has a strong generation. In addition to being used at home, it is also suitable for larger areas such as offices, restaurants, hotels and garages.
3. Easy to operate: there are only 5 buttons in the control panel and an easy to read LCD.
4. Limited duration: timer limit time ≤ 2H. Remind customers that large amounts of harmful (ozone machine after continuous working for 2h, decomposition of 1H gas, people and livestock can enter that place).
5.12h/24h cycle mode: it can be set that the machine will automatically start working at the same time every day or every half day.
6.We have soft magnetic stickers for customers to choose from.

Water damage restoration
Clinics and hospitals Warehouse Gym And Locker Room
Transport companies
Car rental companies
Catering trade
Agricultural sector
Clinics and hospitals

Device Description
Ozone is a very powerful oxidant with the ability to remove bacteria, viruses, gases and toxins. The oxidant ozone breaks down existing molecules. Ozone generates energy by the device during the discharge process and is discharged into the indoor air in a high concentration. You can use this device to eliminate pathogens, but you can also eliminate cooking odors or musty odors, as well as burnt odors. Its application method is similar to natural air purification during thunderstorms.

Ozone machine function description
1.The default power-on is the shutdown state, at this time only the 4 borders shown in the figure below are lit (the LCD backlight is turned off after 30s of inactivity).
2.After pressing the "POWER" key to turn on the machine, the default state is the HOLD working state, that is, it keeps running according to the set gear.
3.When setting the timing "CLOCK", a file of 30 minutes, cycle between 00:00 and 02:00, that is, set the running time as the corresponding working time. When CLOCK is valid, HOLD is off and CLOCK is on. Note: When "PERIOD" is not set, PERIOD does not light, at this time it is a single scheduled shutdown.
When the button "PERIOD" is set, it switches between 0, 12, and 24. When 0 is invalid, 12 hours means that the cycle will run again according to the time set by CLOCK after 12 hours of shutdown, which is equivalent to the cycle function. Gear
1.The default gear for starting is 1 gear, and the fan and ozone are 5 gears.
2.The fan has no thyristor speed regulation, the delay after detecting the zero crossing determines the size of the gear.



  • Aaliya Sanford 2021-08-27 00:33:40

    We went on vacation and the refrigerator in the basement was not plugged in. The basement became very smelly, it was the most incredible smell. After throwing away all the meat, my friend suggested me to buy a baseair. It was like a day and night experience. Little things played it I can only say that the smell is really gone, and the air at home has improved. I am so happy.

  • Coen Peel 2021-08-16 02:27:34

    Wow! This thing is super powerful. I bought it to remove the unpleasant smell in my apartment (I have two cats, a dog, and two boys). I checked every room for several hours. No way! It has created a miracle! It reduces the odor to a controllable level, which no cleaner can do. This unit is worth the price and will recommend it to anyone with any smell in their home.

  • Antony Farrow 2021-08-14 07:22:42

    This is a machine beyond my imagination. The air in my room has always been stinking. Later I bought this product and the air became clear after using it for a period of time. I love it.

  • Yousef Stout 2021-08-13 08:36:40

    My husband did a lot of research on ozone generators because we bought a house where he smelled tobacco. He is very sensitive to cigarette smoke. So he asked me to buy this. Thankfully, it was very successful in removing the tobacco smell from our new home! ! We are also repainting the house and performing a deep cleaning, so all traces of the former owner’s smoking should be completely gone. This unit is also useful on the lower floors of our 3-story house, where mold may develop.